Sara Investment Real Estate

Featured Tenant- B Natural Inc.

b naturalB Natural Inc. has been a tenant of Sara Investment Real Estate since April of 2011. They specialize in natural medicine, supplements and cancer therapies and encourage you to stop in for a nutrition and/or natural medicine consultation!

B Natural is currently the only natural cancer clinic in Wisconsin. Their success lies in their ability to combine conventional approaches with the natural methods they specialize in. Owner, Dr. Amy Emch, enjoys helping people that are searching for answers and hope. Her favorite thing about what she does is when she can see a patients suffering stop. She hopes to open a non-profit compassion center in Madison, WI that will address chronic conditions and pain. The goal will be to teach people how to use natural medicine and how to practice the remedies at home.

B Natural Inc. is located at: 2934 London Road in Eau Claire, WI. They enjoy the brightness and easy access of their space as well as working with their property manager, Steve Lueck.