Sara Investment Real Estate

Our Work

As a fully-integrated commercial real estate investment firm, SARA Investment Real Estate is integrally involved in every aspect of our properties’ operation; from acquisition to disposition. We partner with business owners, tenants and other developers alike to ensure mutually beneficial goals are achieved.

Our dedicated staff is committed to building ongoing, successful, one-to-one relationships with tenants, investors and business partners in which all profit, grow and succeed.


Asset Management

Encompassing the Leasing and Portfolio Management teams, our Asset Management department provides vital support for our partners throughout the project lifecycle. Whether it’s finding the perfect fit for a potential tenant, or the most efficient way to manage the success of a project we’ve attained, the Asset Management department leads the way. READ MORE



By establishing strong relationships with brokerage firms and property owners, our Development team is able to locate and analyze high-quality real estate projects throughout the Midwest. Our dedication group of Development team members provide value for the firm by underwriting potential investment opportunities, creating in-depth financial models and conducting extensive market research to verify the economic viability of possible acquisitions.  READ MORE


Investor Relations

Our Investor Relations team supports advisors and investors pursuing direct investment opportunities in commercial real estate properties. We seek to match investors with projects that accurately align with their investment goals and risk tolerance. READ MORE



Our Operations team provides consolidated services to our company including Accounting assistance for each of our properties. Our high level of service ensures tenant stability, enhanced value, and accountability to our clients. READ MORE


Senior Management

Our Senior Management team consists of highly experienced professionals whose expertise guides all of what SARA does, and who SARA is as a company. READ MORE